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Best Android Apps to Stay in Shape

Best Android Apps to Stay in Shape

Staying in shape is one of the most necessary things to be done in today’s world, when you need an extra muscle to deal with routine things. For that you need to do work out and exercise to lower all the extra cholesterol and gain stamina as well. For that purpose, you always need some help from your fitness instructor, but what if you can get a fitness instructor always with you?

Having an Android phone won’t help you at all unless you have these fitness apps to improve your daily workout routine:

C25K Couch to 5k by RunDouble

C25K Couch to 5K is your app if you want to run a 5k from being an out shape potato. It integrates with MyFitnessPal, and also allows you to create a music playlist to listen during workout. You also get marathon training programs from zero to 10K. The free version of this app is a trial, the full version will just cost you $1.60.

Here is a list of some other music download apps that you can use during workout.

Click here to download Best Mp3 Downloader Apps.

Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal

If you don’t take care of your diet, then doing exercise is useless. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is pretty useful app for taking care of your diet routine. It has the ability to log your calories and also has a database of over 4.2 million foods so you can always keep track of what you ate and can make an accurate count of your calories.

A web interface is also available if you want to use it, a pro version for $0.99 is also available for purchase as an in-app purchase.

25 Best Fitness Apps of 2016


Endomondo is my favorite app for my fitness routine. With this app you can not only make record of your fitness and performance but also you can record pep talks to show them to your friends later. You also get a large list of other useful  features. That is why Endomondo is a very popular and highly regarden app on Android. They also have a website in which you can log-in to track all your records on your computer.

FitNotes Gym Workout Log

There are many Android fitness apps that can change your routine by taking control of your life’s routine to help you get into a good shape. FitNotes by James Gay is an app intended to do the exact opposite by allowing you to do your daily stuff in your way and gives you a log of it. It is a free app built for public, that is the reason why it has no advertisement and it also includes exercise database to help you to categorize your workouts.

A workout log is also available so you can keep track of what you have done and what you need to do. You can also make custom routine and workout schedule that are just tailored by yourself. I highly recommend this app if you go to gym daily.

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