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Best Retro Gaming Characters that we can never forget

Best Retro Gaming Characters that we will never forget

Definitely yes, these heroes will be remembered forever and buried in our hearts.  It’s mainly due to these characters that we continue to see their legacy. Just like movie celebrities these fictional idols have a huge world-wide following.

These legends have played a crucial role in amping up the market for video games. When you purchase a retail copy of a game, what’s the first thing you notice? The aura generated by the central character. The feelings that get induced later on, give vibes that make us hooked to those games. So, cutting to the chase, let’s honor these so called legends in our list of best retro-gaming characters.

# Donkey Kong

God knows in how many GBA games, N64 and similar platform-based titles he has been featured. But all we knowis, this humongous dude first premiered as an antagonist in the 1981 arcade title based on his name. Mario would serve as the central character on a quest to save his beloved princess from the great Donkey Kong.

Later, we got to see him and his juniors appearing as the primary protagonists in the upcoming sequels and reboots.

# Super Mario

Alas, the princess is in another castle! Oh good lord! Admit it! You lined your ass getting past the dragon, only to realize this fact! With no auto-save feature, it really felt frustrating to see any “Game-Over” captions. But still, the most of the games of Mario across all the platforms remain the best-selling and the most popular till date.

And we’ve relived playing from his perspective in various reboot versions and spin-offs like Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and the list goes on. Is he the retro-gaming god or something? To be frank, we haven’t come up with an answer yet. Well, what do you folks think?

# Solid Snake

When we come across this name, only one name comes to our mind, which is none other than Hideo Kojima. It’s like the fictional legend tries to signify the importance of a living legend! We loved playing as Solid Snake in the various Metal Gear games.

Although, the character itself is an inspiration from Snake Plissken in John Carpenter’s, Escape From New York, we get to witness a hero of an entirely vast universe that has yet many untold stories to tell. The cloned-son of Big Boss,has had a dark past and his quest to find the meaning of his eternal existence is something unique.

# Ryu

According to Gamespot he has been given the title, “All Time Greatest Hero”. It’s a fact and he’s the best of all characters created till date. This is what the title means. The primary character of all the Street Fighter games to date is a legendary martial artist. Villains like, Mr. Bison shit their pants by even observing his mere reflection.

His quest to learn more is something that we respect and to be franks he’s inspirational. But there’s this version of him-“Evil Ryu” who appears more powerful but will surely show you his dark side that only aims to mercilessly kill people.

# Sonic the Hedgehog

The fast paced runner is really one hell of a character. The lead character across all Sega titles, made a cameo appearance in the arcade title, Rad Mobile, released prior to the game, Sonic the Hedgehog. His speed is the sole ability out of which he has proved himself as a true hero.

When equipped with the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, he becomes the invincible “Super Sonic”. He’s considered as the fastest hedgehog in the world. Reminds you of Flash, eh?

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